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I began working out with Nate as my personal trainer four years ago (2008). Then, at 40 years old, I was about 30 pounds overweight and was medicated for both hypertension (Capoten) and high cholesterol (Lipitor). I was a reformed smoker but a still "regular" social drinker. I had never worked out before and was very hesitant to begin personal training. Nate and I worked three days each week, week after week, breaking me down and building me back up again step by step. Within the first year of training with Nate, I lost 35 pounds and was taken off all medication. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels returned to normal levels for the first time in more than 10 years. I have never been healthier. Nate introduced Kettlebells to our training sessions early in 2009. As he has learned, he has taught me. His patience, understanding of physiology and personal drive and commitment have taken me from floundering cleans and sloppy snatches to 80 15 on/off VO2 Max snatch protocols, cleans, presses, swings, get-ups (still not my favorite) and all things kettle bells. I must admit I was not a fan initially. However, with the motivation and instruction I get from Nate, I have achieved more than I ever thought I could. I am about to start pressing the 24K in my 5 ladder and am actually looking forward to it! The strength and endurance I have built in my time working with Nate is nothing short of amazing. I would not be where I am in my own development had it not been for a trainer, instructor and friend like Nate. I am definitely a training success story thanks to Nate and the confidence I now have thanks to his support. He has my complete trust and has earned my highest recommendation.

Tom B. / Hayward, CA

I met Nathan Flores three years ago when I joined my local gym. At the time, he was not a personal trainer. However, I remember asking him how to use the elliptical machine on my first week at the gym. Not only did he show me how to use it, he asked me what my goals were. He took the time to listen to me, as well as show me how to start the machine and what setting to use for my goal. When I learned that he had become a personal trainer, I signed up as his client and I am happy to report that I am still his client today. Nathan is the kind of trainer that everyone who is serious about working out should hire. I love the fact that he does not waste my time. I receive 100% of his attention when I work out with him. Nothing gets past him! Nathan loves what he does and it shows in every workout he puts together for me. He is constantly learning and I feel fortunate to reap the rewards of his knowledge. When he first introduced me to kettle bells, I absolutely hated them. I thought "who needs this?" I can tell you now that I don't ever want to go back to regular weight training. I think my heart is the strongest it's ever been. Nathan is a great trainer and a wonderful human being. I am fortunate not only to workout with him, but to know him as a person.

Maclovia Z. / Burlingame, CA

Best trainer I’ve ever had. I have completed 8 Ironmans, 22 marathons and dozens of shorter races and both cross training and strength training are critical to success. Nathan has been amazing. I had a severe ankle injury over 2yrs ago and Nathan was instrumental in helping me get back on track this year (2009) to help me with my marathon comeback in November! Great attitude, very up on training techniques and he’s extremely responsive to what your strength and training needs are. Strength? Endurance? Bulk? He tailors a program to fit your needs as he’s extremely well-versed in free weights, plyometrics, kettlebells and both aerobic and anaerobic training. He’s also very mindful of any pre-existing conditions you may have so he can push you just the right amount. The facility is great, clean and best of all, the gym is a one-on-one environment – no distractions. Highly recommended!!!

Michael L. / Burlingame, CA

No need to look anywhere else... Because I've found the best personal trainer I could ask for. I started training with Nathan about a year and a half ago. I was looking for a trainer who practices what he preaches and Nathan is that man. He pushes you to your limit because he believes in your ability to challenge yourself. I never imagined being this fit and I certainly wouldn't be so without Nathan's training. He continues to bring new exercises to each session which always keeps me challenged and looking forward to each session. After a year of training with Nathan I took a break for several months and was able to take the skills I learned from him to keep myself in pretty good shape. However, I missed being challenged and learning new exercises so I had to come back to take the kettlebell classes. I would highly recommend taking personal kettlebell sessions with Nathan. My body is once again in awesome shape. It is obvious that fitness is not just Nathan's career but an essential part of his life and that is most definitely inspiring. Thanks Nathan!

Maria G. / San Mateo, CA

I have been working with Nate for about a year. We started off doing Pilates as I had been doing so for 7 years. I come from a dance background and was never into weights. I like lean, long muscles and Pilates kept things that way. I was afraid of using weights and was initially turned off by the Kettlebells (KB). However, Nate talked me into it and I have to say that it was well worth it. Not only do I have long, lean muscles, I also have amazing strength now. The definition in my legs is much more than with Pilates. After training with Nate, I continued on my own at my community gym. I was approached by another KB Instructor during my workout asking where I taught. I explained that I was not an instructor but that I owe my technique and routines to Nate Flores. He was rather impressed and asked me to share my various workouts that Nate had designed for me. It meant a lot to me to know that another certified instructor across the country found my workouts worthy of copying. Nate is personable and honest and you'd be lucky to have him as your instructor.

Blessings W. / Burlingame, CA

I started training with Nate a few months ago. Fitness and Nutrition are extremely important to me and I am passionate about my training. I take my workouts seriously and would only train with a trainer who shares that same philosophy. When I started working with Nate, I brought with me some previous experience using Kettlebells from a different gym. However, I never had formal training and therefore had developed some bad habits that were hindering my form and performance. Nate recognized this immediately and used many different techniques to not only correct my form, but to take the time to verbally explain to me WHY it was important to handle the kettlebells a certain way. By assessing my technique, he quickly observed how I was using more of a "squat" while doing my swings, rather than using my hips to get full power. Nate has a talent for being able to provide clear, verbal instruction to a client while also using a variety of kinesthetic strategies to help promote muscle memory. After being instructed by Nate, I was amazed at what a difference it made not only with my overall power but my endurance to handle the 80 round VO2 Max Snatches. Nate has a unique way of pushing and encouraging you to reach your highest potential while taking into consideration your fitness level and making certain you have success in your training, never feeling failure. It's so obvious that Nate genuinely cares about his clients. He asks me to email him my other workouts I complete each week, so that he may custom tailor my kettlebell training sessions with him to fit what I have already done. The training isn't about him or what he wants, it is a complete session focusing on the client and the goals that client is striving to reach. As a single mother of two, my time to train is precious. When I train Kettlebells with Nate, I know I am receiving elite training from a knowledgable trainer, who is constantly learning more so that he is able to help take his clients to a higher level. I feel confident recommending Nate to anyone interested in training with Kettlebells.

Shauna B. / Burlingame, CA

This is my second review of Nate, and its about my total gratitude for his patience, hard work, and total belief in my ability to learn and earn an HKC cert. His time and effort spent with me is a real tribute to his skill as an RKC instructor. He has taken me from knowing nothing about Kettlebells to making me realize that if you work hard enough, practice, and are willing to do the work, success is not far behind. He continues to amaze me with his skill to teach and his willingness to help me succeeed. I highly recommend Nate, as he is definitely worthy of his RKC instructor certification. I too, hope to some day be able to teach and instruct as well as he does. Traning with Nate is the best, be sure to look him up if you are looking for someone to give you a good workout.

Noe O. / Burlingame, CA

I recently started training with Nate Flores using Kettlebells. His knowledge and attention to details during my workout sessions are just fantastic. I have been a Personal trainer for over 8 years now, and I've never enjoyed my own private workouts more since training with Nate. He always makes sure he challenges me, pushes me a little harder each time I come in to see him and of course his knowledge of the RKC style is just great. His ability to breakdown movements and teach them to me have been the best. He's had me swinging, snatching and doing getups within a few sessions. I keep saying that the only reason I can do these movements is because I have a good instructor. I highly recommend Nate as an RKC instructor. I consider every session that I have with Nate as time well invested. He's the man you want if you are looking for someone to train you in Kettlebells. When I am done with a session with Nate, I feel a good sense of accomplishment and he brings out the best in me. He is an amazing trainer. I have personal goals for this new year, and I know that Nate will help me reach all of them.

Noe O. / Burlingame, CA

We have each been seeing Nate 2-3x per week for one-on-one sessions (and 1x per week for semi-private with our 17-year-old son). Nate is amazing. He knows his stuff, tailoring each workout for the particular needs, objectives and challenges of each of us. He can explain everything he has us do, why we're doing it and what it will accomplish. He is professional, supportive and encouraging, and keeps the pressure on to continuously improve. Although we are all fit and had our own workout regimes, Nate has taught us so much, and taken each of us to a new level. It shows in our strength, endurance, tone, flexibility and weight. We highly recommend Nate!

Bill H. / Hillsborough, CA

I've been training with Nate for just over a year, and the results have been significant. I've learned many new exercises and he's very diligent in watching and correcting my form (which is hard to get in solo workouts or group classes). He also provides proper stretching afterward, and adjusts the workout to be just beyond what I think I'm capable of *every single time*. Just when I think it'll get easier... surprise! Training with Nate has been a life changing experience. And seeing the care that Nate has put into building and maintaining the gym, the pride of ownership really shows. I highly recommend Nate, and look forward to more snatch and clean and press ladders.

David T. / Burlingame, CA

I have been training with Nate the past 3 years starting in Feb 2009. I am in the best shape of my life. Nate has completely rejuvenated my body with Kettlebell (KB) workouts that constantly change so I don't plateau. Nate's enthusiasm and knowledge of proper KB technique continues to raise my all-around fitness. He constantly challenges me with CRAZY Kettlebell circuits that incorporate flipping massive TIRES, swinging sledgehammers, pulling a weighted sled, etc. When you talk to Nate, you can immediately tell that he takes training very seriously. He's all about the bottom line---RESULTS. Nate KNOWS KB'S AND Nate KNOWS All-Around fitness. My results include: 1. Improved movement and flexibility, 2. Functional Strength, 3. All-around strength.

James W. / San Francisco, CA

I took my RKC certification class with him. He was my partner and I couldn't have asked for a better one. His knowledge and attention to details make him a incredible instructor. He was patient,kind and most encouraging. Definitely a asset to the RKC program. If I didn't live across the country I would have loved to continue to train with him. Anyone in his area would do well to look him up and train with him. Thanks Nathan. You're the best :)

Wendy P. RKC instructor / Fairfield CT

I trained with Nate for 21 private one on one kettlebell 1 hour sessions over a 4 month period and learned all of the essential movements with the proper alignments from him. My goal was to learn the fundamentals so I could have a consistent home practice and Nate taught me what I wanted to learn and develop. He knew exactly what I needed to progress steadily and efficiently and with proper form and alignment. I look forward to working with him again in the future. Totally solid. Thanks Nate.

David E. / Palo Alto, CA

I confess, I am a lazy exerciser. In fact, on my own, I cheat. But Nate knows how to push me just enough so that I get a good workout but not so much that I dread coming back. This is key to my sustaining my workout program. Add to that that Nate really knows his stuff, practices what he preaches, and is enthusiastic as well as charming, and this becomes a real winning formula for me. With Nate, I have learned to use kettlebells and the TRX straps, both of which I love. I have been working out with him, and these, for only about 3 months but I already feel in better shape than when I started. And that's why I keep going back.

Lisa S. / Burlingame, CA

I was looking for a sport / activity that my husband and I could enjoy together. We are both athletic but have very different ideas on what constitutes "fun." So my friend recommended Nate and kettlebells. We love our sessions with Nate. He is an extremely knowledgeable trainer who gives us great workouts every session. Form is important and Nate gets it all. He is worth the time and money! Thanks Nate!

Linda R. / Hillsborough, CA
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